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Four maps on territory
RoC President Nicos Anastasiades is fully prepared to discuss in detail territorial adjustments, either during intensive talks in Cyprus or in a tripartite meeting with the UN Secretary General and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, late September in New York.

Well-informed sources have told The Cyprus Weekly that the Greek Cypriot side has prepared four alternative maps outlining the land adjustments in an agreed settlement.

In all scenarios Greek Cypriots get a tiny bit more territory compared with the territory provisions in the Annan Plan of 2004.

All four maps provide for the return of Morphou under Greek Cypriot control. There are variations depending on which Karpas Peninsula villages Greek Cypriots will be allowed to return to.

Another change from the Annan Plan is that, according to the new proposals, the Greek Cypriot constituent state gets a much larger coastline percentage.
So far, the negotiating teams haven’t discussed territory in detail. Initial discussions during leaders’ tete-a-tete meetings have indicated that the Turkish Cypriot side appears reluctant to return Morphou to Greek Cypriots.

Insiders believe, though, that Akinci and Ankara are treating Morphou as a negotiating tool to secure other objectives from Anastasiades, such as the rotating presidency of the federal government.

Property difficulties
Progress on territory, will definitely help talks on the property issue that right now are at a difficult patch. The two leaders didn’t manage to bridge their differences during Wednesday’s meeting.

The sides can’t agree on who has the first say on a property, the initial owner or the current user. Turkish Cypriots insist that the user has first say if a property has been substantially renovated.

They also pursue a tight mandate for the Property Commission with set criteria, in order to minimise potential court cases for property differences after a settlement.
The sides need to reach a broad understanding on thorny issues such as properties and territory, before they set up a multi-lateral meeting with the guarantor powers and other major players to discuss security and guarantees.

Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots appear ready to discuss all three major issues in a five-party meeting with the other guarantors, UK and Greece, as well as the two Cypriot communities.

Greek Cypriots are very reluctant to encourage this prospect and would rather reach an initial agreement on all other aspects before discussing security and guarantees.

There are no objections though, to a tripartite meeting with the UNSG in New York and it is expected to be held after the General Assembly in the week finishing on September 24.
September 3, 2016 | Lefteris Adilinis | in-cyprus


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